River Fishing Drake Bay

Free River Fishing


There are several excellent river mouths in the Drake Bay area for independent fishers, including the Drake River, Agujitas River, and Ganado Estuary. We will gladly assist you with tide tables and maps for finding the best fishing spots. Generally speaking it is more pleasant to fish at cooler times of the day, a few hours before high tide.

You should bring your own fishing pole or hand reel, crayfish baits or hooks, a bucket for your catch, snacks and plenty of water, sun protection and dry bags for electronics. If you are traveling to Drake Bay by plane, fishing rods incur an additional $30 luggage charge.

Gringo Curt's will gladly prepare your catch of the day at the restaurant, or simply ask your hotel if they will oblige.

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Download Gringo Curt’s List of Fish Names for Sport Fishing Charters in Drake Bay

This method of fishing requires only that you bring your fishing gear with you. Drake Bay currently has no business that rents fishing gear. If you want to open your possibilities to the best variety of fish, then I would suggest bringing baits that resemble crayfish. Crayfish are a common and natural food source found in all freshwater rivers and streams in Drake Bay. Many species wait at the river mouths for the bounties being constantly pushed out to sea. For this reason, it is not necessary to travel up the river to bring in a decent catch.

I have found my best luck going to any of the various river mouths approximately 2 hours before high tide. I have found that the action usually stops a couple of hours after high tide.

I have personally caught or seen the following species on this activity:
Red Snapper
Pacific Black Snook
Bigeye Jack

All of these listed can be caught using crayfish bait but if you switch to a white bellied “vibrating tail swim bait”, you will only lose the Corvina as a possibility. Locals usually find live crayfish and sardines for bait. If you are as skilled as they are, you will only need to bring fishing line, hooks and an empty water bottle (locals simply wrap the fishing line around the empty water bottle and use it as a reel!) Throw nets (for sardines) are too heavy for long journeys but most travelers arrive to Drake Bay through the village of Sierpe, where throw nets can be purchased.

When I go fishing, it is as a hobby. I grew up boat fishing the Great Lakes on the weekends with my father and grandfather. I love fishing with a pole because it brings me great memories. I now purchase fish for the restaurant from my friends, and many a catch has been served at Gringo Curt’s Seafood & Visitor Center from the abundant river mouths of Drake Bay.