Night Tours Drake Bay
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Jungle Night Hiking Tour


Night hikes last approximately 3 hours and we can arrange your tour guide to depart with you between 5pm and 8pm. The guide will provide you with rubber boots, so please wear long socks. You should also bring your camera, a flashlight or headlamp, and mosquito repellent. We also recommend wearing light clothing that covers your arms and legs.

This night hike is recommended for those who have a focused interest on Frogs and/or Snakes. It is a private tour, with a minimum of 2 people. Some Spanish may be required, depending on the local guide that is available.

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Frog, snake, spider, bug or nature photography enthusiasts find their best experiences on this adventure hike. It begins with a short 6 minute walk from the center of Drake Bay to a primary jungle habitat, owned by a local family. As far as I know, no creatures are both nocturnal and diurnal. Thus, if you have only explored the jungle during the day, you are missing a lot.

This particular property has more frog diversity than any other in the area- providing a home for numerous species of tree frog, glass frog and poison dart frog. The vast variety of frog and toad life also creates a fruitful environment for the areas many species of venomous and non-venomous snakes. Additionally, the Osa Peninsula has approximately 6,000 species of insects. With your tour guide, you will have the ability to experience many of these fascinating creatures.

I have personally found my greatest photography successes when I am very close to the subject. A zoom lens is handy, but I have never been keen to lug around a tripod and it’s difficult for one’s hand to remain steady enough without one. Getting photos with impressive detail can be achieved simply by using a smaller zoom lens and moving physically closer to the subject.

For this reason, this tour is a photographer’s dream. Brilliantly colored night life of such diversity, provides endless opportunity to capture great shots. The subjects found on this activity rarely run away. This provides optimal opportunity to get much closer than you would normally be on other tours. I would definitely recommend using a macro lens on this tour because I simply cannot imagine a better opportunity to use one elsewhere. Make sure that the batteries are full and enjoy!