Volunteers Needed: Life for Life Sea Turtles

Drake Bay Volunteering

Life for Life Sea Turtles is a sea turtle conservation project at Rio Claro, Drake Bay. It is operated by local legend, Ricardo, who has been patrolling the beaches for several decades, protecting sea turtle nests from poaching and predation. In fact, there would probably be no sea turtles left on these beaches without him!

As a one-man operation, Ricardo needs all the help he can get from volunteers and he has limited means of promoting himself online. We think that this is an excellent and worthwhile project that is a great way to combined your travel to Drake Bay with learning. Life for Life Sea Turtles sees many olive ridley, hawksbill and green sea turtle nests each year and you will have the opportunity to work with both mothers and babies. You will take part in night patrols, relocating nests, recording scientific data, tagging of turtles, nest exhumations and the liberation of hatchlings. There may also be other conservation or maintenance mini-projects to take part in, depending on the time of year.

When? Ricardo accepts volunteers all year round, but nesting season for sea turtles here is between July and December.
Where? Rio Claro is located around 2.5 hours walk from the main town of Drake Bay. Ricardo included free boat transportation to his project for volunteers. There are no shops, internet, nor phone signal- you will simply be surrounded by some of the most spectacular beaches and jungles in the area.
Sleeping & Eating: Accommodation is in the newly constructed hostel on Rincon Beach and includes 3 meals per day for volunteers staying more than 5 days.
How Much? $25 per day. This helps Ricardo to cover the cost of meals and keeps the project running!

You can read more about Life for Life Sea Turtles on their website, but it is best to contact Ricardo on Facebook