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Paraiso Verde Overnight


Paraiso Verde can be experienced as a day hike, overnight, or multi-night adventure. We recommend taking a taxi to the Los Planes Rangers Station ($20 per car in addition to the price above) and then taking a one hour jungle hike to the property, where accommodation is in private rooms for $45 per night.

The price includes simple meals but you should bring extra food and beverages for your stay. There is no phone signal nor internet at the property and electricity is limited so you should also bring a flashlight and extra batteries. Other than that, take along your bathing suit, dry bags for electronics, insect repellent, sun protection, plenty of water for the hike, Crocs or sandals worn with socks, towel and toiletries, and any medications that you require.

Gringo Curt's can help you to organize transportation, reserve your accommodation, and provide you with a hiking map to reach the property. There is no minimum number of people. Just add to your trip planner to get started. If you are visiting this amazing property as a day trip, please offer $15 per person to Alfredo for a tour of his trails.

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One of the Corcovado Rangers Stations that is largely unknown to the public is the Los Planes Rangers Station. This location can be found at the end of the Drake Bay road to Corcovado and is mostly used as a place to store rangers’ equipment than as a place for receiving guests. It lacks the restroom facilities necessary to offer day tours and most visitors do not have enough time to visit every station, even if it did.

It is widely known that visitors must be accompanied by a guide after they cross the boundary into Corcovado National Park, but Paraiso Verde is an exception to that rule. Approximately 20 years ago the property was not part of the park, but now the boundary has been extended and one must walk 1 hour past the Los Planes Ranger Station just to get to there. The property owner’s name is Alfredo and he has been living on the property for over 35 years. Long ago he brought in flowers and plants from all around Costa Rica to complete his garden. His hand-planted vegetation is now fully mature and Alfredo grows enough fruit and vegetables to sustain himself. Alfredo comes to Drake Bay every 3-5 months to purchase beans, rice and coffee. He has a small solar system, but does not generate enough electricity to run appliances such as a refrigerator.

His 3 story home has a wrap-around porch on each of the top 2 levels that are filled with hammocks. The beautiful property can be admired for months, while incredible amounts of information about the natural world seems to be constantly shoved into your head. He receives very few visitors and loves company. Alfredo is probably the softest person that I have ever met. He has strong opinions, but is type of person that would rather fall over than step on an ant.

Other than his fascination with nature, Alfredo enjoys 60’s and 70’s classic rock. He has one room that is used as a shrine to the rock concerts of his youth. It’s amazing how many big-name artists have signed his memorabilia, ticket stubs, and posters. He knows all the words to almost every song of the era and the best part is that he doesn’t even speak English!

He’s also into crop circles. Yes, aliens. I personally never realized how frequently they are found before I visited Paraiso Verde. In addition to his rock memorabilia and countless nature guides plastered all over the walls, also has a place dedicated for the crop circles of the month.

Years could be spent at Paraiso Verde. Trails, waterfalls and swimming holes are just waiting for exploration. The property probably gets less than 20 guests per year and it’s located within the “best national park on Earth”, how much better could it get? Picking the mind of a man that has flourished within all that nature will require some Spanish speaking abilities, but the place speaks more than enough for itself. Alfredo is just an additional benefit.