More Than Corcovado Overnight


This custom tour provides even more than the standard overnight in Corcovado National Park. It includes three nights at the amazing Jungla Jaguar Hostel, which is located right on the border of the San Pedrillo rangers station. Your boat transportation to the hostel from Drake Bay will be arranged at 1pm.

The first day includes lunch, dinner and a guided night hike. The following day, you will be able to explore the amazing property, trails and beaches independently. Next, you will be taken on a guided hike on trails bordering Corcovado National Park. And finally, you will depart at 7am for a Cano Island snorkeling tour and return to Drake Bay at approximately 2pm.

This value-packed combo includes all meals, bilingual guides, Cano island passes and snorkeling equipment, transportation to and from Drake Bay, and accommodation in dormitory-style rooms. You may also upgrade to a private room for an additional $45, and you can contact us if you would like to set up a bar tab at Jungla Jaguar before your arrival.

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Before doing the tour, some people tell us that the Corcovado Overnight experience is expensive. But to think of something expensive, it must be compared to something else.

People in Africa spend $800 to see a Silverback Gorilla for one hour. With all of the endangered species that can be seen in Corcovado, I think that it’s easy to see the gorilla tour as too expensive, unless you’re really into gorillas.

Similarly, you can travel around the rest of Costa Rica for weeks and not see the amount of biodiversity that can be experienced in one overnight tour to Corcovado National Park. In this scenario, it will be more expensive on both time AND money.

The Overnight Tour to Sirena Ranger Station, from Drake Bay, has a lowest available price of $335, with not a beer in sight. So what else can be done with $335 in Drake Bay?

gringocurt.com has created a way to get more out of this price tag.

The Jaguar Jungle Hostel is my favorite place on land. It is situated along the Corcovado National Park’s border. It is a beachfront property that contains more trails than can be found at Sirena. The hostel section of the property has golf course quality grass ,so walking around without shoes is the norm. It has 3 sandy beaches with the best snorkeling beach located only 25 steps from the farthest dorm. Various fruit trees encourage the jungle animals to visit regularly throughout the year.

If one were to compare it to a proper hotel, they might say that it’s not as comfortable as they would like. If one were to compare it to living conditions of staying at one of the Corcovado Rangers Stations then The Jaguar Jungle Hostel is easily described as luxurious.

One could surely find better food in Paris, France but when compared to the food eaten at the Corcovado Ranger Station, the food at the Jaguar Jungle Hostel is divine. Oh yeah, did I mention that Jaguars Jungle also has a bar? Yep.

Now, is one night enough? I have lived on the Osa Peninsula for over 9 years. There’s never enough time. Let’s add 2 MORE nights so that there will be lots of time to do exploring on your own, snorkeling, hammock time and/or socializing.  

Night hikes are not permitted in the Sirena Rangers Station so let’s go ahead and add one of those to this package.
Next, the quality of a tour guide can make a big difference. I can tell you that it is difficult to find a guide that has studied biology and spent their life on the Osa Peninsula. The owner of the Jaguar’s Jungle Hostel is on that short list.

He and his lovely girlfriend Elizabeth have created a piece of sustainable paradise and they have done so without negatively affecting the surrounding nature. Their desire to learn about plants, animals and sustainable ecosystems has given them the ability to succeed at what so many others have failed to accomplish. They revel in their accomplishment by spending most of their days studying the environment with like-minded people.

What the heck, lets also add on a Cano Island snorkeling tour because it’s one of Drake Bay’s biggest attractions.
Now a $335 doesn’t seem so high.  The simple solution was to just add more.  Ta-da!