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Gringo Curt’s @ Jungla Jaguar


Visit Gringo Curt's at Jungla Jaguar Lodge & Hostel! We have recently moved to this little slice of paradise, located right on the border of Corcovado National Park. We will be providing the same great service, same fresh fish menu– now in a remote primary jungle setting!

To come and visit us, you can take a self-guided adventure following on from the instructions found on The Drake Bay Beach Hike. Instead of taking a boat back from San Josecito Beach, you should continue walking for another 2.5 hours to the end of the trail and we will be there to welcome you with a boozy smoothie and a smile!

You may also choose to arrive by boat from Sierpe (ask for the boat captain named Chancha on the 11:30am boat); You could also meet up with this boat in Drake Bay at 12:15pm (Make sure to tell the captains that you are going to Jungla Jaguar) You can even contact us about tour & transfer combo options such as horseback riding and Isla del Cano diving trips.

At Jungla Jaguar, there are both private rooms and dorm beds available, solar power, drinkable water, guest kitchen, beers and cocktails and free hiking trails. You can also organize tours to Corcovado National Park, Cano Island, Horseback Riding, Whales & Dolphins, Fishing, Kayaking, Snorkeling, Surfing and much more.

Travelers should bring plenty of water for the hike, sun protection, dry bags for electronics, sandals or Crocs worn with socks, bathing suit, towel and toiletries. There are no shops or roads surrounding the property so you should also bring plenty of cash, along with any snacks and medications that you require.

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The property surrounding Jaguar’s Jungle Hostel is my favorite place on land. The owner of this hidden gem is Leo. I often describe him as a mix of Tarzan and Aquaman. Leo is a quiet and modest person that seems to be constantly in the middle of doing something. He was born on the property and has spent most of his life studying the area. The only time period that Leo lived elsewhere was while he attended high school and university.

Today Leo and his lovely girlfriend, Elizabeth, spend their days studying their incredible environment with other like-minded people, who travel around the globe to visit them. Leo’s parents purchased the enormous property that borders San Pedrillo Rangers Station in the early 70’s. Fruit trees were planted around the entire “living portion” of the land and golf course quality grass was grown to provide a soft carpet across this “garden of eden” like environment. The fruit trees, now all fully mature, produce some form of deliciousness throughout the year. The hostel has 3 nice beaches to enjoy, the closest not more than 25 steps from where you will be sleeping. His kayaks, snorkel gear and surfboards are all available for rent.

Now for the best part, located directly behind the hostel you will find a seemingly endless number of trails that have been carved through the most bio-diverse primary jungle on Earth. The trails created by Leo and his family actually connect with the same trail grid of San Pedrillo Rangers Station in Corcovado National Park. In fact, if one were to walk from Drake Bay to Corcovado, walking through some portion of Leo’s property would be necessary. Visitors would obviously require a tour guide if they desired to cross over the national park property line, but the point is that there is no difference between the jungles of San Pedrillo and the jungles of the hostel. If you want to understand why that is so impressive, please read the description of San Pedrillo Rangers Station.
I have had many visitors express their disappointment concerning Corcovado National Park’s rule that requires all visitors to be accompanied by a tour guide. I am personally in favor of this rule but regardless of my opinion, this is the solution for these types of explorers.

If you are looking for a quality tour guide, no one is more qualified than Leo.

Accommodations at the hostel are simple. The electricity comes from solar panels. The water is fresh and drinkable from the tap. Everyday travelers, such as your selves, volunteer for months at a time. I would guess because most people find the location too difficult to leave. When you see the prices to stay in such an amazing place, you will wonder if you are still even in Costa Rica. Be careful! If you start your vacation at Jaguar’s Jungle, you may end it there also.