Gringo Curt’s Moved to Jungla Jaguar

Gringo Curt’s Seafood & Visitor Center is proud to announce that we have made a partnership with Jungla Jaguar Lodge & Hostel, our favorite place on planet earth! With many changes in the Drake Bay area, we are happy to be able to continue providing genuine travel information about Drake Bay, and our famous menu in a new and improved location.

So Why Did We Move?

Development in Drake Bay
When Gringo Curt’s first opened 8 years ago, there was only one other restaurant in town. Today, with more than 13 establishments, the competition for a relatively small number of tourists is becoming fierce. By moving out of town and closer to nature, we can decrease the pressure on other local businesses while encouraging adventurous travelers to visit us off-the-beaten track.

Closer to Nature
With Drake Bay’s brand new multi-million dollar airport, opportunities for over-development in the main town are increasing. When Gringo Curt first moved to the Osa Peninsula 9 years ago, he was seeking a truly natural experience, away from the rat race of modern society. Jungla del Jaguar Hostel is located right on the border of Corcovado National Park, in the last coastal primary jungle on earth. What could be better than enjoying fresh seafood and cold drinks in a place with no roads!

Promoting Sustainability
We have always loved Jungla del Jaguar Hostel because of it’s genuine commitment to sustainable living. We are proud to be able to help out at a place with 100% solar electricity, off-grid potable water, biodegradable soaps and cleaning products and sustainably caught fish. We look forward to continuing to improve our environmentally-friendly initiatives with owners Leo and Elizabeth.

Sharing a Mission to Provide Fresh Fish
We always strive to provide fresh, same-day-caught fish for our customers. At Jungla Jaguar, our friends Leo and Elizabeth are also committed to this mission, and use kayaks to spear fish for their supper, right in front of the hostel. We believe that spear fishing is the most sustainable way to catch fish, because you can be truly selective about your catch, and only spear the exact amount of fish that you need. We hope to be able to add to our restaurant experience by allowing guests to watch their fish being filleted right on the beach, and we will always have our original local fisherman to help us too.

How Can You Visit Us?

To get to Jungla Jaguar from Sierpe, simply ask for the boat captain named Chancha on the 11:30am boat to Drake Bay. Make sure to tell him that you are going to Jungla Jaguar and he will drop you off right at our doorstep.

From Drake Bay, there are several other options for visiting us including hiking, horseback and boat. We suggest you read the detailed instructions on the Jungla del Jaguar website. You can also inquire about a reservation using the contact form below or learn more about this unique location on our Tours & Activities page.

Don’t forget that you can continue to book tours and activities with us, even if you are staying in Drake Bay. Please allow us 48 hours to respond to messages, as our new jungle paradise comes with limited internet access!

Gringo Curt New Location