New Regulations in Corcovado National Park

Since 2014, it has been mandatory to have a local guide when visiting Corcovado National Park. This regulation allows for greater safety and control over the environmental impact of tourism. This year however, new regulations were introduced in Sirena Rangers Station which have been causing problems for guides and visitors alike.

Sirena Rangers Station is the most popular zone of the park due to the high probability of viewing wildlife, particularly rare species such as Baird’s Tapir, White-Lipped Peccary and Three-Toed Sloth. Recently, the Costa Rican government gave a “Permiso de Uso” or “Permission to Use” the station to the Carate Association.

This has dramatically increased the prices for visitors to the park because:
1) You are no longer allowed to camp at the station and must pay $30 per night to stay in Dorm-style accommodation.
2) Guides and tourists are not allowed to bring food into the park. All meals must be purchased from the restaurant, at a cost of $30 per plate.

Overnight tours to Sirena now cost over $300 and day trippers are being given lunch on the boat journey in order to avoid the extra charges.

You can read a recent review regarding the changes on TripAdvisor !

Both the overnight and day tours to Corcovado National Park are incredible experiences that should not be missed, but travelers might consider looking at some of the other options for overnight adventures in the area, especially if you have longer than three days to spend in Drake Bay.